Commercial Affairs Liaison

The British Malaysian Society (BMS) membership base encompasses a diverse group of current and former professionals, business people, diplomats, teachers and academics.

Following the effective demise of the quasi-government sponsored Malaysian British Business Council (BMCC), the BMS has become the principal private-sector organisation with the capacity through its members’ experiences and skills to provide advice and guidance on the very many issues affecting the Malaysian business scene, its banking and financial institutions, and crucially the appropriate manner and routes for investing in or trading with Malaysia.

BMS members’ experiences taken together span some sixty years of life and work in Malaysia within sectors ranging from rubber and palm oil to computer chip manufacturing, banking to advertising, educational research and teaching, to oil and gas and all ports in between. The BMS has access to an unrivalled pool of talent invaluable and available to field questions and provide contacts and introductions to help address the natural concerns of individuals, educational institutions and firms contemplating doing business in Malaysia in the 21st Century.

Individuals, university, college and school personnel and businesses interested in exploring how the BMS can assist are invited in the first place to contact the BMS secretariat at